Included Websites are not saved correctly in Brave Payments


I loaded some BATs to my account and surfed a bit. The Sites and the Time Spent appear correctly under Brave Payments. Now I switch off “auto include”, because I wanna decide on my own, which pages I wanna support and which not. So far so good.
When I close Brave Browser and start again, all my own payment definitions are lost. Some of the websites I just deactivated are included again.

Brave: 0.19.95
Windows 7 Home, x64


Hi @kastanie

Do you clear any data when closing/reopening Brave? You would have set this up under about:preferences#security.

Also, what do you mean by

a. Did you ‘pin’ sites and assign a value - and that’s missing?
b. Did you delete sites from the table and they’re now reappearing?
c. Did you toggle ‘include’ OFF for certain sites off and now they’re ‘included’ again?

Any details you can provide for investigation will be helpful.



Hi Lauren

When I disable Preferences/Security/(saved site settings and
permissions), everything is working how I was expecting. :slight_smile:

For me it is confusing that the browser was deleting the payment
settings because of this enabled switchbutton:(saved site settings and
permissions) under security.

When I reopened the browser, sites I excluded in the last session, were
included again at Payments. That was frustrating, cause it was a good
feeling before to choose the ones I wanna support, but when i checked
next time the settings (my definitions) were lost.

I think it would make sense to disable the switchbutton:(saved site
settings and permissions) in the standard setting of the browser. Maybe
you change or complete the labeling of the button to explain the
function and that it’s connected to /Payments.

To be very particular: If under Preferences/Security/Private Data all
the switchbottons are enabled, actually Brave has to delete the websites
under Payment as well, cause it’s kind of a browser history/private
data, too. If someone really wants to delete all the traces when he
closes the browser, it should count for the listed payments websites
too. Otherwise it should be declared, that the Payment-Function has to
make a history for statistics that allows micro payment. Maybe it makes
sense to place the button (saved site settings and permissions) under
Payments. Cause when I activate Payments I agree that Brave is creating
a History for Payments.

To your questions:

a) That works. My pin settings (enabled, disabled, value) are saved
always. Seems not to be dependent on Settings in /Security/
-> It would be helpfull to explain the pin function (mouse over?) cause
it’s a new function the user doesn’t know from other browsers/programs.

b) No, that’s working fine

c) Yes, i explained this further up

Best wishes


Thanks for the info @kastanie! We have an issue logged for this here:

Update: we also have this item logged for reference:


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