Include KeePass for password management


#Me too!
I trust only “KeePass” .
I strongly hope that Brave should support “KeePass password safe” exclusively for Windows and “KeePass XC” of multi platform type.
KeePass Password Safe
KeePassXC KeePass Cross-Platform Community Edition
Brave should support these apps.
Please consider it seriously.


incentive. the other paid services have developers who have incentive or $$$ to develop the plugin for Brave. KeePass does not. Maybe we can pool some coins together and get a developer or two to create the pipe?


LastPass has been hacked before, that’s why I switched to KeePass.

+1 for KeePass.


Yes please, just adding my vote. But, also include the os x and ios versions pls.


+1 for KeepassXC, it’s a fork of keepass and is compatible with linux, windows, mac, android and ios.


Adding my vote as I cannot really use the browser on a regular basis without KeePass integration.


Please add the KeePass Plugin. As long as this doesn’t work, Brave unfortunately is not an option for me.


I’ve used both chrome|pass and Tusk, but find Tusk to be more user-friendly to use and set-up. For people who like to keep their keepassdb in the cloud, Tusk can sync directly to that db so there is no need to have keepass even installed unless you want to add a new entry or edit the db. Tusk has also been requested elsewhere in this thread for porting to Brave.


yes for keepass support please


+1 for KeePass!

Do it yourself:
I followed these instructions and get chromeIPass for Brave. It works! Now I have KeePass in my Brave browser!

Dear Brave developers, please do it officially! I assume it would not take much time for you if I could do in 10 minutes. 1Password, bitwarden, Dashlane and LastPass already included, let’s include KeePass!


Just saying, it may not be that simple. They may have a need to review the code because by putting it out there would be officially sanctioning it of sorts. People may get the idea that they are saying it is all good as in they are vouching for it. The code may have been hacked or may even have a call home aspect of to it. When it comes to my passwords I want to be super sure that it is trustworthy. Has anyone reviewed that code at all? At least peer reviewed it? Or even had a data analyser on the wire checking for weird traffic? It would be good to do that.

As a safer way forward for the impatient of us, just run it with a database of credentials without your critical sites. Just run it for a few months with ordinary sites only. Then when you have some track record, some level of trust that it does not crash or do stupid stuff. I would not run it on critical credentials/sites until it was peer reviewed … just my paranoia. Needless to say, if any of the sites in the database you are using it on gets hacked… do report it here pls.


How would that work?

KeePass is an open-source and local software. Where you are in control, and can move your database from a USB to a SD-card and so on…


I signed up just so I can request a KeePass extension for Brave.

But you have to wonder… of ALL the password managers out there, they go and choose one that’s NOT open source. For all their Brave hype about a new type of browser, you have to wonder why or how they could miss Keepass, which is OPEN source and arguably the most popular password manager out there. Just silly, if you ask me.
Sounds like another Google wannabe platform… oh no, no tracking, no adverts, we respect your privacy… free free free… yeah right… in the end, there is an end game. Nothing is free. Google cashed in already… YouTube has premium paid service now ( which everyone and their mother predicted)…now others want a piece of the pie through alternative browsers… even if your identity is secure, they still gather data based on your general IP location… and how many people really use proxy or VPN for surfing and purchasing items online? Not many. So your IP and location linked to your browsing habits are still for sale to the highest bidder.
Cloud based password managers - what a stupid idea. That’s just itching for a major hack.


:grin: I know what you mean.

I don’t whether you’re familiar with what’s going on but some time ago, the team decided that they’re going change an important part of its browser to switch to a more efficient, reliable and extension friendly interface. That’s sort of the reason why most things seem to have slowed down, they’re currently in the transition of it right now.

Lucky for most of you new users, you don’t have to wait that long, I believe in the next couple of months they will have released this new version and many users requests will be met without the effort and additional resources that would have taken place if they did in in the current version type if you know what I mean.


Same here. Just registered to say: +1

The obvious reasons to use Keepass haven been stated before, and without the integration Brave sadly is useless for me.


I just join the brave community and I already use Qwant and keepass. But there is no plug in yet to use it without copy & paste. So please add this feature as a plug in. Thanks.


+1 for keepass plugin, please


+1, please (for keepass plugin)


+1 for KeePass


Hi all. Thanks for requesting. I’m going to close this thread for now because the upcoming brave-core will have more extensions support.

If you wish, you can install the beta version that already support installation from Chrome Web Store.

Background: NOTICE - We are shutting down the Extension Requests category!

Thank you,