Include KeePass for password management


Please include KeePass, nuff said :joy:

Keepass password manager
KeePass support a must-have

With Brave, the keystrokes are sent to the open browser window, but don’t go to the userid and password text fields.


I cannot agree more… Keepass is a must for me to move across and use your browser. Without it, my experience is basically unusable given the amount of passwords I need and use. I’m not even going to consider the other …well rubbish that you have embedded for use


why does it take so long to add it?
It cant be harder then adding all those unsafe password manager you already included.
Stroring my fatabae on a server i dont have direct accsess too? Forgett it.


let us know on what ground you claim that.


unsafe in the sense that all data lies on a server you dont have physical accses too.
Another problem i see is that most are closed source and as this potential have backdoors into the databases


+1 for KeePass

I can’t argue that cloud-based products of any kind are generally less secure than locally encrypted databases. But given the many data breeches and software (not to mention protocol) vulnerabilities in the news recently, I think it’s reasonable for people to prefer not to trust their most sensitive data with yet another a cloud service; especially since a successful hack into your password manager service could effectively compromise all of your other online accounts.


So I have to add passwords on every device I use if I don’t want to use one of the password managers that are on offer? I have at least 5 different devices I’d need to do that for. :confused: It’s going to be hard to convince the masses to use Brave considering this.

+1 for KeePass(XC) integration.


As others have stated before: I want to start using Brave on a daily basis, but I can’t do that without Keepass support. Will stick to Firefox as long as it is not implemented.
Hopefully you will implement it as soon as possible.


I still can NOT use Brave on a regular base due to lack of KeePass2 Support ! Her is the blueprint:


+1 for KeePass support.

There is a good read-only KeePass integration for Chrome (Opera) and Firefox, which is still being actively developed. It supports local database and several cloud providers.

KeePass Tusk


Having read the guidelines for posting extension requests, I know that the original post was not “nuff said”, so I’ve put together some information and links that will hopefully show you the popularity and usefulness of KeePass.

Pros in a nutshell:
Free, no greyed-out premium options for $$$
Database stored on local machine (use your cloud storage if syncing desired)
Autofill in Chrome, IE, Firefox, etc.
Sync across systems: Windows, Android, iOS
One-, two- or three-part authentication
Active development
Plug-in development encouraged
Over 100 plug-ins available

Here are some reviews of KeePass and comparisons with others

KeePass Home Page

KeePass Plugins Page


Not true. KeePass stores its database where the user chooses to place it. Normally this will be on the same machine, or on a network server. I keep mine in one of my cloud services so that it’s available on my phone as well as my other computers.


I’m beginning to wonder if there is any development going on? I try Brave once a month, as long as there is no Keepass integration, but I don’t see much of a change. Not a big problem since Firefox is back with a lean and mean version. Too bad, Brave seemed nice when it started, but I guess it is time to abandon it, as they don’t plan to support Keepass anyway.


so do I; Brave please support Autotype as in first request.


I quit Firefox a couple years back because of some screwup I don’t remember now. Been using Chrome and UC since then. If you’ve used either of these, I’m curious to hear your comparison of them to Firefox. None of them does everything like I want it to, which is why I’m interested in Brave.


Since Firefox 57 they are back as far as I’m concerned. As fast as Chrome, but open source, that is what I was looking for. I still look at Brave now and then, but their silence about Keepass is deafening.


Brave is basically useless to me without KeePass.


We need plug-in for KeePass.
It is open source! it is the most safe one! Last pass was hacked one day…
Please add!


Another vote for KeePass!