Incessant mobile error message


I recently downloaded the brave mobile app this year and since I’ve started using it I’ve been receiving incessant error messages that state “unfortunately Brave has stopped” with the options to close the app or send an error message. Every time I choose the option to close the app, the error message disappears but the app stays open and functions for a few more seconds before the same error message pops up again. This makes using the app too cumbersome to use (this has happened about five times while writing this message).

I’m have an LG V20 running Android version 8 and I’m using Brave mobile version 1.5.4.

In my personal settings of the app I have ads, https everywhere, and third party cookies blocked.

When I searched the community for similar issues and possible solutions I found people with the same problem from a year ago posting that new versions available a year ago solve this issue but I’m having this issue now. Please inform me if there is a way to solve this and how to do it.

By the way, my my screenshot is in Portuguese because of my language settings on my phone but the error message is the same.

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