Inbuilt MFA support like safari. Having a hard time copy pasting every time I visit the webpage who requires MFA frequently

My MFA codes are stored in safari keychain i.e. system preference → passwords stores my passwords and MFA associated with it.

I was able to export all passwords and import it to the brave browser. But, I am looking for is an option to integrate autofill MFA codes which are generated in passwords. Safari does that with much ease only 2 clicks log me into the website who have MFA requirements every time I visit.

Now, I am having a hard time trying to open passwords to grab only that MFA codes. Although it is copy paste but still requires me to go into passwords, enter my master password and search for website, then copy the MFA code and paste it to brave so that I can login.

Imagine doing everyday. I gave up on brave a couple of times now switched to safari and again hopping between each other. I hereby request a feature/workaround to do this task with ease.

Things to note: I wont be switching password manager. Not anymore. Thanks