Inappropriate implicit permissions in Android

Brave is implicitly granted many powerful permissions on Android. There is no need for this app to implicitly have permissions to pair with Bluetooth devices, access Bluetooth settings, reorder running apps, control NFC or download files without notification.
Each of these permissions would be explicitly requested by a truly privacy conscious developer if absolutely necessary.
Requiring permissions unnecessary to the core functionality of an app without providing unambiguous and plain notification to the user is just plain deceitful and wrong. It is not difficult to request a permission, and explain the features it enables, during installation. If a permission, say Controlling NFC, isn’t a core function of the app, get EXPLICIT permission. If the user agrees, it’s on them. If they do not, you as the developer have the choice of disabling the specific functionality or stopping the install.
Informed Consent should be every legitimate app developers goal.
The fact that Brave has chosen the Implied Consent model is telling.

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