Inability to get to Brave Store / extensions

Just installed the beta version of Brave and copied the data over from CHrome via the import process. What I can not see is how to get to the Brave Store to install additional extensions into Brave. With Chrome one clicks on the hamburger icon in the upper left corner of the Extension page in Chrome and click on Chrome Store at the bottom of the left panel. There is no such option in Brave Beta.

As of right now, you’re able to install extensions via the Chrome web store (or any other viable extension resource) into your browser the same way you would any other browser:

Are you unable to do this?

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The issue is that unlike in Chrome which has a short cut in the extension page which directs you to the Chrome Extension page there is no such shortcut in brave, I guess we have to use a shortcut in out bookmarks to reach the same website page.

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Ah, I see what you’re saying.
Good catch! You’re absolutely right. While I don’t have an exact solution, you can click on the “themes”
shortcut, which opens a link to the web store.

I’m going to go ahead and log an issue that this link is missing unless this was done intentionally for some reason, thanks for pointing it out!

This should be fixed with

also see

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