In Turkey: Region not Supported Error How can I login Right Now?

Hello friends I live in Turkey a few days ago I accidentally logged out of my uphold account. and now I can’t connect my support account. is there a way to reconnect this? (I saw that Turkey is not in the list of supported countries at the moment, ads keep coming, it’s ok, I just can’t connect my support account) but still maybe we can connect with vpn?

You can’t do anything. You can login once, only when Brave allows Turkey for verification. Hopefully by the end of the year but I’m not sure about that though… Get more updates at the PSA.

I’ll suggest not using a VPN to login, as that could cause your rewards profile being flagged

There must be a way… :sob:

NO. there isn’t. You will have to wait. One way is to obtain docs of other region and shift there and verify lol

Kardeşim 3. dünya ülkesi olduk her yerden ban yiyoruz.

Nah. They are working on that. Even France was unsupported until a few months ago, so is it also a third world country ?
They are stopping support where adjustments are required, no other criteria.

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