In task manager, Brave is usually 7-10 processes and uses between 1GB to 2GB of RAM?


This seems like a lot, and there is a few second delay before it opens when I first open it. Is this normal?

Optimize browser startup

Same here.

When I start Brave, in the Task Manager I can see multiple instances of brave.exe starting up, one after another.

I only have 3 tabs open, but in Task Manager, I can see 12 instances of brave.exe running.

I am running the latest version of Brave (0.18.23) on Windows 7 64bit.


Start up performance optimization is definitely on our task list. It’ll take some time for that task to be done, but it will be fixed anyway.

The number of tasks seems to be normal (since the browser does need other processes than the tabs). After the task manager is implemented you will be able to see which processes use how much resources.


Brave, The Browser Itself Won't Open
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