In Romania when available Seeing Brave Rewards ADS?

Hi. I live in Romania and there are no advertisements from Brave. If you do not solve this impediment that stops us from earning Brave, we will stay with Chrome and Google services.
PS. Romania is in Europe and we are members of the European Union and I think you are a bit racist. Without grudge, but will you exclude the middle and poor classes?
Do not I see what you are doing better than a communist dictator?

Hi @lulian, trust me, we are not trying to exclude Romania or any other countries! It just takes time to get the ads catalogs ready for each region. Please bear with us – we will be rolling out the Ads program in a big way as the year goes on :slight_smile:

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I hope this problem will be resolved soon and it will be available for Romania as well.
We expect Brave Rewards Ads to be available and in the Romania.
Thank you and have nice day.