In open tab list, tapping tab/tile removes tab/tile from list

Description of the issue:
In the list of open tabs, tapping on a tab/tile often closes that tab and removes it from the list.

How can this issue be reproduced?

  1. Open some tabs.
  2. While viewing the contents of a tab, long press on the number of the tab at the bottom of the screen to open the list of tabs.
  3. In the list of open tabs, tap on the tile of an open tab.
  4. The tile that was just tapped disappears from the list of open tabs.

Expected result:
The tapped tile switches to that tab and brings it to the foreground.

Brave Version:
1.43 (; BraveCore 1.43.91 (105.0.5195.102)

Mobile Device details:
iPhone 7 Plus
iOS version 15.7

Additional Information:
Same problem has occurred with prior versions of the app. The problem does not occur everytime. It could be due to me slightly nudging the tile with my fingertip when I tap it? I know that I can swipe or “flick” a tile to make it disappear from the list. I’m tired of having to go fishing through my History over and over to locate and then reopen the last closed tab. I can submit a request for a new feature to reopen the last closed tab (which would be very helpful) but I want to know if others users encouter the same problem.

I will appreciate any feedback or comments. Thanks!

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