In May the referral program has not entered the uphold

this month I first got a referral
1-8 May the review has progressed but until now my uphold is still empty
is there something in the same boat with me?

If you received the confirmation this month, then it’s expected. You’ll need to wait until next payout. This month payout is for BAT (tip, contribution, referral) that you received in previous month.

i think in image confirmed in march

I have not received previous month’s payment. Please check your private message from me.

Hi bro. My Brave account has been proposed to pay approximately 717 BAT for the 8th May. But until today has not received and the payment process has disappeared? Why?

I got confirmation from March
I got a referral from February
I thought early May there should have been payment
Do I have to wait until June?
this is too long

this is for april

When you connect your Uphold account @GusShol?

@eljuno please check my private message from me, sir! I have sent to you my problem.

Hi, i have the same issue with @GusShol
Please help me double check your payout

25 march bos

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