In Google Hangouts other party can't hear me with Shields Up. But not always!

The behavior of Brave interacting with Google Hangouts seems to be variable.

Although I’ve reported ‘other party can’t hear me’ with Shields Up a number of times, I’d noticed recently that calls were going through normally even with Shields Up.

Now I’m back to having to go Shields Down, otherwise it’s the same issue – other party can’t hear me. The only unusual thing I’d done was to shut down my computer before relaunching Brave. Before I did that I was calling through Hangouts with Shields Up and all was okay.

Something seems to be happening in restarting the Mac that affects the interaction of Hangouts with Brave’s Shields, requiring Shields to be down – at least for a while!

I have no idea why later on the behavior seems to normalize and calls then go through with Shields Up. I know I don’t do anything proactively to make that happen.

Does anyone else have any idea?

This, btw, is in a Private window/tab.


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