In-App messaging in Brave Desktop Browser

Im new to the community, and have short experience with Brave so far.
In my team we’ve been working to implement some web “in-app” messages (small messages within our webpage, not like push notifications, that once allowed shows up independent of the webpage you are in) with Braze (a mkt tool for comunication with the customers, Appboy is their technical name).
The idea is notify about events of importance to the client (that a transaction requested by the user is ready, notify about available loans, etc), and this works perfectly with all the other browsers we tested, but in Brave these in-app messages seem to be blocked by the shields.
Is there a way to make it work? If not, it significantly limits what we can rely on this tool for…
Thanks in advance!


Firefox (for example):

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Thanks for reaching out to us. I pinged one of our filter engineers – @fanboynz – to take a look at this. He should be able to help.

Appreciate your patience.


@pablopoggio Rolled out a fix. Give it 24-48hrs.


Thanks a lot @fanboynz! Can’t believe it was so fast :slight_smile:
Just a quick question to be 100% sure and give the good news :laughing: , including “” will affect “”, “” and “” as well, right? those 3 subdomains are where we are implementing the changes (at least so far)

It’ll cover all of domains/subdomains.

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