In android my BAT is 4 but in PC BAT is 0

I have installed android and windows version brave browser . in android my BAT is 4 but in PC BAT is 0 . why does this happen?

@Hafez100 Could you elaborate a bit on the issue? Grants issue process is different for both Android and Desktop. It doesn’t depends on the brave installation. How did you get 4 BAT in Android? did you accept any UGP grants?


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I just "accept brave grant " than I starts to show in my android browser then synced with pc brave browser. so the pc brave browser shows BAT is 0. but in android browser still bat 4.

@Hafez100 Thanks for the information. we don’t have any feature to swap Desktop and Android wallet through sync. Currently, you can use sync feature to sync bookmarks between Desktop and Android and IOS.


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