In 24 hours, no ads, no BAT?


I installed Brave yesterday, and I still have not seen any announcement, BAT won :slight_smile:

My ads are activated, my MAC notifications too.

I tried what I found on the forum, but it still does not work. :slight_smile:

Do you have a solution ?

Thank you !
Have a good day ! :sunglasses:

Hi buddy,

I have the exact same problem, with same settings. My MACOS version is 10.14.6 and Iโ€™m running the last Brave package.

Hope someone will help us soon ! Thanks :wink:

@artshow @Memphis27 first, see FAQ: Why am I not seeing Brave Ads? and let me know if you still have question/s.

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Hi eljuno ! Thank to have shared this, indeed I wasnโ€™t aware of this, I guess the braveโ€™s communication is not clear enough about it. :slight_smile:

To be sure it not a problem from my computerโ€™s settings (Apple security), is there a way to show a dummy ad, to be sure it can actually shows up ?

Best regards

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