Improvements to the dashboard


I think that it would be great to make some improvements to the dashboard:

  1. Ability to change from am/pm to 24h time
  2. Ability to hide the thumbs completely
  3. Background might be good to update once per 24h and not for every new tab, just like the extension called “momentum” for chrome :ok_hand: I have a theory that it is faster and using less memory then updateing for every new tab and it looks better in my opinion :hugs:

Might be good to have a page in settings called dashboard where we can store all settings for it. :grinning:

  1. Issue similar to allow 24h format is logged -
  2. Hide thumbnails feature request is also logged -

cc:@brad for comments on 3


I’d love to see some form of background customization. Weather it’s just a static image, Flickr, or some other photostreaming service that’d be cool.