Improvements to Tab Group UI

The tab group UI looks very poor in Brave compared to Chrome (possibly due to the smaller height of the tab bar) - see below.

Granted this is just my opinion, but I think the following tweaks should be made in order for this to look better.

  • More space between tab label and the first tab
  • Reduce height of the colour outline
  • Add some space between the outline and the tab
  • Rounding the label and adding padding to either side will make this look nicer




I agree; the line is too high:

Screenshot (167)

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most likely wrong slot …got desktop with excellent chrome bookmarks
bought galaxy tab 6 lite …loaded brave…no BM imports
back to desktop …load brave app ad share screen brave and chrome
grab and hold folders on chrome and drag to brave BM menu line
back to tab s6…imported
please soneone advise proper reply procedure I should have taken
just trying to be helpful