Improvements to playlist

Playlist is GREAT! I was already using brave for all my YouTube videos — this feature makes it even better.

A couple of feedback suggestions:

  • “Add to playlist” pops up constantly when browsing YouTube. This could be less aggressive somehow
  • It would also be great if there was an easier way to add to playlist — such as long press on a link and have it available in the context menu.
  • Video length error: I added a video that was several hours long. The video length reads as “15:23” which means it’s only pulling the length from the last time range < 60. Meaning the video is 2:15:23 total but the video is being ranged per hour, and only the last “less than an hour” chunk shows in the time span
  • If you exit out of playlist and come in again, your play position is lost.
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Appreciate the feedback! I’ve already forwarded this to the devs for review.

I’m also super happy with the playlist! This is how I would do the “Add to playlist”:

And further it would be cool if there was an Open Playlist-button on the main screen: