Improvement requirements for tab grouping

Ask the improvement point for the function of tab group.
The function of tab grouping itself is very helpful for browsing.
But there are definitely areas that can develop.

  1. Adding the ability to name tab-grouped groups will help streamline browsing.
    The reason why you think this feature is necessary can be used as a higher compatibility for visit records. Visit records are listed only in chronological order, making it quite inconvenient to find.
    If you remember clearly, functions such as visit records will not be of great significance.
    Grouping tabs can be a complete solution to this flaw. However, I think the function currently supported by Brave needs to be improved.

  2. I ask you to make it possible to form another group within the tab grouping group.

Because by forming groups even within tab-grouped groups, the efficiency of use will increase by categorizing them in detail in groupings.

  1. When you delete a particular tab from a group, and drag it to the delete group bar in and , it seems to need improvement.
    If you drag a particular tab and take it to an empty space, you can go to the previous screen and decide where to place the tab right away.