Improved Keyboard shortcuts for use with magic keyboard/other external keyboards On iPad

Recently switched from safari and am enjoying the browser for the most part however there are a few suggestions I’d like to make, mostly related to keyboard shortcuts that aren’t working on the iPadOS version of the app, that do work in Safari.

First is a lack of page scaling/zoom. Haven’t been able to find this anywhere, but let me know if it already exists… Similarly to the zoom in/out that can be done on desktop browsers using cmd/ctrl and +/- to scale scale the text and elements on the page. Haven’t been able to get this working.

Another thing I am missing from safari is being able to reopen a previously closed page by using cmd/ctrl+shift+t which is very useful for reopening an accidentally closed page.

One last one is a small quality of life change that I’d like to see. In the safari app, when opening a new tab, whether by cursor or cmd+t, the search box in the menu bar is already active and ready to be typed in. On the command browser however, you have to move your cursor and click on the search box before you begin typing. Again, something minor, but a bit annoying.

Can’t think of anything else, but I’ll add to this post if I notice other missing features.