Improve Download Manager

Badly request please add the features of download manager:

  1. Add feature to see file size before downloading.

  2. Add speed of downloading files. (like: brave improve fast browsing then other browsers. So i want brave add fast download then others browser).

  3. Add feature see how much downloaded.

  4. Add feature to share link of the file.

  5. Add feature to easily download any video or any file.


I agree with your idea. I want to see a size of file before downloading. Because its important.

also it’s annoying to download every file and than open it and delete it.
I want an option to open the file directly, like firefox does:

It’s really saves a lot of time

It would be also nice if it asks for other application for download purposes like firefox.

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I would like this feature as well. Currently i am using IDM+ download manager. A inbuilt one like that would save me a lot of troubles

I agree. I come from Firefox, and would really like to use this browser for many reasons, but I often have to download and inspect files and missing this feature of directly opening the file is a killer for me sadly :frowning: