Impossible to use wallet-withdraw to external wallet

Please can you tell me how to send coin like link, eth to external wallet.

see picture

thank you

Did you have ETH in your wallet? You need ETH to cover the gas.

ah ok thx i will try

oh no i try 2 times but echec. it’s not ready for working ?

oh i loose money for transaction failed ??

Have you got a explain ?

sorry for my english i m french :frowning:

please ! i try different destination but nothing

QRcode dosent work also ! see join picture
please need help :slight_smile:Capture

I am having the same issue. The Brave Wallet will not allow me to withdraw DAI tokens to an external address… which is kind of the point. I have tried transferring 1 DAI, while I have 10 in the wallet, so this is not a matter of not covering transaction fees.

Did you have ETH in your wallet? You need ETH to cover the gas.
like said “eljuno” ?
for me it’s better, i can clic “Next” but after it’s failler and i loose some ETH for nothing
tell me if it’s working for you

Me i m blocked and no help for moments

cc @Mattches @sriram for additional assistance

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Need to investigate the issue here. Will update once I have something

Thank you @sriram and thank you @mikokrak for your patience.

Have you got news about ? still blocking :frowning:


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