Impossible to reconnect to Gemini and other issues despite my device is verified prior the country suspension

Briefly describe your issue:

I’m unable to connect one of my devices to my gemini account despite it was verified prior my country was removed from the supported regions and that we are supposed to be able to log back in.

More detail - context:

Since the country suspension, I was still able to receive BATs from my devices to my Gemini wallet. Once my devices were disconnect, I started to get problems with brave on my phone.

First, brave stopped sending rewards to my gemini account once it was disconnected. This never happened on my other device, which is still disconnected from Gemini.

Second, I’m unable to reconnect to Gemini again despite it was recently announced that devices that were verified prior the suspension could reconnect to Gemini. Despite my phone display a reconnect button, it tries to verified instead.

Third, after the announcement and trial to reconnect, brave displays a “profile flag” message, however, i’m not flagged at all. Indeed, Brave still displays ads and the rewards internals page states that my profil is valide (not flagged)

I want to stress that I have none of the issues with my laptop that keeps sending rewards to my Gemini wallet.

I also want to add that I tried to contact brave support for the issues, however, I receive the same automated messages with the supported country list. That’s why I’m writing here as my device is verified, was connected and was sending rewards to my Gemini wallet prior the country suspension.

The pictures attached show that the device was linked to Gemini and suggests me to reconnect.
I can also share a picture of my brave internal connection/disconnection situation and the amounts sent from my device to Gemini prior it stopped working, however, I don’t know to what extent I can send these screenshots here.

What Operating System and Brave version are you using (Menu --> About Brave)?
Operating system: android
Brave version: 1.44.114

Is your browser wallet currently verified?

What date did you verify your wallet?
April 29th 2022 (when gemini was introduced to android)

Have you been able to successfully receive payments in the past?
I was able to withdraw BATs until the region ban and after it got disconnected.

Are you using a VPN?

Are you in a supported region (see here for list of supported regions)?
No (Switzerland)

I will advise you to raise a ticket. Raise one here.
From there, Brave’s team will assist you further.

As said above, I’ve already written two tickets.

The first time after rewards where kept on the device and not sent to Gemini (only for this device as others still work)
The second time on Monday after I tried to reconnect.

Through the tickets, I only get the same message about the supported country list.
For example:

It’s probably because the device you have not disconnected yet, the one of which you’ve shared the screenshots must be still connected on the API…

Could you disconnect manually and reconnect?

Do you mean manually disconnect my profile from Gemini?

How can I do that?

For both devices, I didn’t disconnect manually. They were disconnected by the browser automatically.

press on the button where it says logged out, there you should see an option of disconnect from Gemini

I’ll come again a bit later, for now I have this screen looping indefinitely and can’t do anything in the reawrd page

Can you translate it?

I would translate the message as the following: “you request is still pending, please wait”.

can you try again. also clear cache

I’ll try again once the looping page will disappear.
After emptying the cache and restarting my phone, I still have the looping page in the reward page.
As long as this is looping, I can’t interact with any option/box in this page.

This is the message I got after the bootloop

I was able to disconnect manually, however, not it shows that the profile is unverified (picture below shows the before and after, I just blurred my name)

edit: After the disconnection, it basically now shows that the wallet is unverified in the rewards-internals page…

Can you please translate all that ?
Imma too lazy to type stuff into google Translate

The first text just says that the profile is flagged and states what will follow next, nothing related to the Gemini login. I don’t think it is necessary to translate the full text, especially that the rewards-internals page states that the profile is not flagged.

If your profile is flagged then you should be raising a ticket here.

as I said several times and in my initial post, my profile is not flagged as I still receive ads and the rewards-internals page states that the profile is not flagged…

Raise a ticket, regardless. The support can assist you better with all this I guess.

Well, the ticket was closed after the generic answer I received and after I asked another question.
I guess my phone will not be able to retrieve the bats from my phone as can’t connect with uphold either.

If you see the error that you are flagged, then you are most likely flagged. It will not tell you that you are flagged on the brave://rewards-internals page.

Did the support team review your ticket about being flagged, and tell you that they won’t be able to remove the flag?