Impossible to link Uphold to Android (tab+phone)

Hi all, Am I the only one with the bug with Uphold? I succeeded in connecting with my computer, on the other hand when I have the wallet checked with the Android phone & tablet, I manage to connect but after that sends me back to the reward page without doing anything. And you ?
I just tried with brave installed on a mac, it’s the same, I manage to connect and it sends me to the main page of bravereward with nothing happening

I’ve been seeing this issue happen frequently w/Android devices which we are investigating but it should be working on macOS. To confirm, your wallet (on macOS) after running through the verification process your wallet (in the Rewards panel/settings page) does not appear as verified? Were there any errors?

Thank you for your feedback, it looks like it’s the same bug on Mac OS, when I try to log into my uphold account as on my other Android devices once logged in it sends me to the brave reward page without anything does not happen.

Any solution here ? :slightly_frowning_face:

Any news on a fix yet ???

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