Impossible to get funds from Brave wallet

Briefly describe your issue:

#Unable to receive funds from Brave account via Rainbowbridge to Aurora yet I’m charged for the transaction fee.

Simply put I’m tired from this cat and mouse games by now. I am requesting to receive my funds A.S.A.P to my debit account.

Is your browser wallet currently verified? (yes/no)


Have you been able to successfully receive payments in the past?

#Using wallet first time

@hub please look into this. Thanks !


I’ll try to help. If you could just answer these few questions:

What version of the wallet are you on ?
Are you on desktop or mobile ?
Can you confirm that you did the transfer through ?
Can you click on transaction history on rainbow bridge and get extra information ?
Also can you confirm that you have added Aurora network to your brave wallet ?

Also just FYI, we can’t send funds to your debit account for two reasons:
(1) Brave Wallet is non custodial wallet and cant access your funds.
(2) we don’t offer a fiat off ramp on the wallet yet i.e. you can’t withdraw funds directly to your bank account

Let me know if this helps,



Hello Hubert

Thanks for the quick action.

I will answer to your questionnaire in between your questionnaire

Q:What version of the wallet are you on ?


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