Impossible loading of web pages

On sites, in connected version, the site reloads endlessly:

What do you mean “On sites”?
Does it happen with every site, or with this specific one? If specific, please let us know the URL and what steps are you trying to achieve. Please, be more detailed on what you are trying to do.

What I can see from your video is a loop, between subdomains of the same domain.

Did you try to clean the browser cache?
Did you try to disable Shields?

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@Ugo I noticed in what you shared, that you have Shields off for the site while the issue was occurring. But what I also noticed if you have a lot of browser extensions. Can you try the same site in a Private Window and see if it persists (or make sure to disable all of your extensions).

If that solves it, then you’ll need to go through and manage extensions one at a time until you find the problem source. I’ll stop there until you can test everything and rule it out. Just seems the most likely at the moment.

Beyond that, it’s also like rodrige said, where perhaps you have an issue with cookies and clearing it out might help.

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