Importing links from Chrome

I have tried importing my information from Chrome to Brave. I continue to receive a “close all Chrome windows” when I try, even though Chrome is NOT open. Since it isn’t possible for this information to be imported, Short of removing Chrome all together I see no way to fully install Brave.

Apparently, since this issue has been around for almost a year and has not been addressed by Brave, there is no concern that Brave is therefore unusable.

Great idea that doesn’t work.

We’d be happy to assist you with this issue, but you haven’t provided a lot of information to go off of. The issue could be caused by several things like your OS, what data you’re importing, whether or not it was a fresh installation of brave or if you’ve updated from a previous version.

Additionally, Chrome updaters/helpers that run in the background may also cause this message to appear as they too count as Chrome processes. Would you be willing to share a view of your task manager when the error occurs?

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