Importing from Firefox crashes Brave


I’ve just found Brave and initially it looks good. But when I try and import my bookmarks from Firefox, brave crashes.

Firefox is closed.
I have selected all 4 options to import.
The bookmark menu is active and visible.
When I tried just importing bookmarks, that seemed to work. I then tried to import cookies and it crashed. Upon restart, the imported bookmarks had gone.

I’m not sure what else to say.

Any thoughts?


Brave crash when import data from Mozilla

Thanks for reporting @AlanSh,

There’s an issue logged for this. Added your +1 to the issue


I don’t even get the courtesy of a crash, unless the app shutting down is considered a crash. I’ve uninstalled and reinstalled Brave a couple of times and each time I attempt to import my FF data, the app simply shuts down … no message, nothing.


It’s already been reported.




Yeah I’m running Linux Mint and this is almost literally the first issue I’ve had w/it so far. I guess re-installing is my only option until the team starts to dig around this issue. Just don’t want to add all my bookmarks back…I wish I could get in long enough to import them to FF, then back to Brave when this is figured…


hi all,

Tried 3 times to import bookmarks but Firefox crashes when it gets to ‘bookmarks’ after copying cookies and browsing history from the ‘items to import’ window. Checked all the Chrome bookmarks for errors etc, cleaned them and then tried again but still crashing. It is only Firefox that crashes everything else works OK.