Importing from Brave to Brave

Sadly today my macbook died unexpectedly leaving behind all of my brave tabs, saved passwords, extensions etc…

It seems that I haven’t saved my sync chain seed words and possibly not even started a sync chain.

Please tell me I haven’t lost all of my data…

I’m using brave on a new macbook pro with Mac OS 13.4.

Well, you said your macbook died, not your disk, that means, you could get it out and depending on whatever model you have and year, it might be easy to find a nice enclosure and plug it to another computer.

The problem is Passwords, Storages like Cookies, and some settings like sync chain and all that, are encrypted to your device, so even if you get the data, that will be lost forever. But you could always try to boot in another computer with the disk and get the data that way.

That’s why saving the sync chain code is important, I mean, saving it in an encrypted txt in onedrive or google drive is better than losing it all.

But If you can extract the disk, boot it in another computer (mac, which might not be an easy thing, like it is on Windows or Linux, I don’t know) then you can recover the passwords and all, if not at least you can recover most data, history, bookmarks, and the non-encrypted plaintext in a database information.

But it is a mac, I don’t know about it, I don’t know how it works, if they have soldered anything or what disk it might have, but if it was Windows I would say, it is possible you can recover everything, since it is MacOS, I don’t know. But having access to the disk would let you clone it and all that.

yeah but with Chrome I just log in into my account and every syncs like magic…

That is part of the difference between privacy and convenience. Brave doesn’t have an account where they keep all of your information. This means you have to make sure to do backups or have multiple devices synced.

You wouldn’t have to save the words, as they change daily anyway. But if you had it synced to something, such as your phone, then you’d be able to generate sync code from the phone and then share it with your new Mac.

Your passwords are likely gone. The rest of it you might be able to get though. You just would need to get your User Data folder from within Brave-Browser folder on your old device. It’s just the matter of you having to be able to get access to the drive.

As to passwords, it’s as Emi mentioned. They are encrypted using your devices OS credentials. So moving it over, they would not have the encryption. This means the passwords would kind of exist on your new device, but I don’t think it would be visible to you.

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