Importing data from Firefox


I have been attempting to import my data from Firefox via Preferences since that is the browser that I used the most and I’d love to have all of my bookmarks and saved passwords automatically in Brave without me having to do everything. You may be thinking that this is already a feature but, at least for me, every-time I try to import my data from Firefox the Brave browser just crashes and doesn’t add any of my data from Firefox. I’m not sure if this problem only occurs for me but if it occurs for others I’d love to see it fixed since it would be extremely useful for me since I have been using Firefox for a couple of years and have some important data I want imported into the Brave browser because I believe that this browser could become the main one that I use but only if I am able to import my data from Firefox


Firefox is also my default browser I am using this for a long time and this is one of my favorite browsers, for the importing of data you can try Firefox Support and solve this issue very frequently.