Importing data from Brave Developer

I first transitioned my browser usage to Brave when the Developer Edition started supporting Chrome extensions last year. I transitioned almost all of my browser usage to this version.

Now that the release version of Brave supports Chrome extensions, I’d like to switch to that. But I can’t figure out how to import data from Brave Developer Edition. Is this possible?

Hi @pasta,
Currently it’s not possible to import from different release channel. We’ve an issue logged for that here

But you can move your bookmarks. Just export your Brave Dev bookmarks as HTML then import it to Brave Release version.

You also can backup your Brave Rewards wallet (if you have one). Go to brave;//rewards > Click gear icon at upper right > Backup wallet.

Thanks @eljuno! I was hoping to move over history, login info, and the like. Is there no way to move this information manually? I appreciate your quick and helpful response!