Importing browsing data from Vivaldi

Hello there,

I have recently stumbled upon Brave Browser, and I like it. Been using vivaldi browser even since it came out, so I have a lot of browsing data, history, passwords, bookmarks in there.

I have been able to save my bookmarks and import it into Brave, but that is not enough. I would like to, at least, import my passwords. I have found a way to enable importing/exporting passwords in Vivaldi, but I cannot find a way to do so in Brave.

I thought Brave was chromium-based, so I tried chrome://settings/passwords, and it didn’t worked.

Any ideas on how I could do it, or do you have any plan to update Brave in the near future to support importing browsing data from Vivaldi? If I cannot get my data from Vivaldi to Brave, I cannot see myself migrating to Brave, unfortunately.

Thanks in advance,


PS: I already have my passwords exported to csv, any way to get them into Brave without waiting for an update? I could start using Brave right away, instead of waiting!