Importing bookmarks from Edge retrieves old unused information?

Hello everybody
Hope you are all well
I switched to Brave browser and imported bookmarks by selecting my current Microsoft Edge
The bookmarks appeared but I notice they are bookmarks from many years back, (when probably using Firefox in those days), and not the current ones from the current Edge browser
I was considering exporting the bookmarks from Edge and then importing to Brave but I cannot see how to clear all bookmarks from Brave?

I am stumped now so any help would be most appreciated

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Hi @50021, Welcome to Community!
Enter brave://bookmarks/ into the address bar
Once you see the list of all bookmarks you should be able to ctrl+A to select all and then hit delete

Thanks Aa-ron, that was very easy, much appreciated
Will try to import the bookmarks now

Just for information:
Looks like the bookmarks were imported from an old version of Microsoft Edge that pre-dated the current version of Edge
So no idea why the current version of Edge is not seen by Brave when importing bookmarks
I deleted the bookmarks as per your tip, exported from Edge to html and imported into Brave and all was good
Thanks again for your help, much appreciated

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