Importing Bookmarks From Dolphin to Brave?


Good morning,

I had been a faithful Dolphin Browser user for years until it began crashing all the time. Since no help is forthcoming, I went to Google Play and found your browser and downloaded it. I am most impressed with its ad-blocking capability and its ease of use (plus, I love lions).

I would like to know if it’s possible to import my Dolphin bookmarks (I have well over 100) over to Brave. If it’s not possible yet, I’d like to make a request that it be added to the mobile version.

Thank you for your time and for creating such a great product and, especially, for keeping it up to date.

Warmest regards,


Hi @bgeesfan

We don’t currently have this on Android but we do have a request for it. I have added your +1 to the request:


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