Imported Recovery key but no token

hi I changed my pc. So, I saved brave recovery key. I installed brave on new pc. I imported recovery key but my balance didnt come back. Can I solve this problem?

Did you have your wallet verified before you changed PCs? Additionally, is your old PC still active w/your Brave data on it?

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it was verified but I disconnected. Old pc isnt active.

On your new PC, try and re-verify your wallet with your Uphold account. If you do, your balance should reflect where it left off previously.

I tried many times but it is same. if this is so, what’s the point of recovery key?

I’m confused – you’re saying that on your new PC your wallet is verified with the same Uphold account that you were using previously?

I imported wallet with recovery key on new pc. I also linked uphold account. My previous balance has not been charged.

So when you open your Rewards panel and click on Wallet verified you see something like this?

Further – is the balance that you had in your previous wallet reflected in your Uphold account?

no. balance didnt reflect

Hi @engineerrr06 - please send any new info to our DM. thanks!

new info? I particularly shared my problem. what info do you want?

I use brave browser on multiple computer - bedroom, workshop, office, wife’s laptop, daughter’s laptop and my own laptop too. Since uphold allows only 3 browsers to be verified and in my case there are several, So can I export wallet recovery from one of these computer’s browser and import the key on others - such that all the browsers have the same key and the rewards from all browsers will be integrated to one single wallet.

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