Imported bookmarks missing icons



When importing bookmarks from Chrome / Safari / HTML file, the imported bookmarks are not showing the favicon on the bookmark toolbar.

Also it seems that bookmarks within the bookmark menu never show the favicon, even if the page was bookmarked in Brave.


Did you choose Text and Facivon or Favicon only on Preferences > General > Bookmarks Bar section?



I tried both of them, still the icons are not showing.

Thank you


Thanks for confirmation @jcardenete. It’s likely you face this issue

Can you confirm if that’s the same issue?


Just like you, I imported my bookmarks from Chrome, and all the favicons were blank. The way I brought those icons back was by visiting the site by clicking the bookmark then refresh it multiple times. It worked for some, so I would remove the bookmarks that had the blank icons and then re-bookmarked them again. For the last few that still persisted, I did a combination of both.

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