Imported bookmarks issue


this issue is already known since 2016-10-14 but is still unsolved ( to my knowledge ) and I need to bypass it without going back to Firefox in order to reach the bookmarks that do not show when using Brave . Does anyone know how to reach this hidden bookmarks ? Can't Scroll Through Bookmarks
I have tried using the arrows at the bottom of my keyboard ( they are four of them ) which are used to move step by step U/D or L/R but they just show me that there are hidden bookmarks in the list and how many they are .


HI @mazda

Are you utilizing the Bookmarks Toolbar or the Bookmarks Manager? If you are having trouble using the toolbar, that will be covered under the issue from the other thread you linked. I would recommend trying out the Bookmarks Manager. You can open a new tab and type about:bookmarks and this will open the Bookmarks Manager.



this problem only occurs when using the tool bar and the only way I figured to deal with it is to limit the number of bookmarks in a folder so they all show on my screen and I can reach any of them . Not very convenient indeed .

I did not think of using the bookmark manager ; I’ll give it a try to see if it is convenient or not . Thank you for your answer .

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