IMPORTANT! Reward reduced to 0.001 bat

@brendan What’s your stand about this statement? You are the one who replied to those tweets about the reduction in payout rates in Brave rewards in twitter handle. Now this pal (@sampson ) blabbering about the economy stuff of BAT! This is totally insane… Stop playing this kind of drama and release an official statement. At least the users of this project deserve the right to know what’s the actual reason behind this sudden reduction and the recent series of “The great Bugs”.

Just be patient and it will be restored eventually. Might as well keep Brave cause it is still a good browser.

Finally! someone with the same thoughts… I was also wondering, how many “millionaires” have been reduced to poverty, because the Brave Reward reduced from 0.010 BAT to 0.001 BAT.

To everyone else, who is lamenting about quitting…

  • Except installing the browser and browsing thru it, you literally have to take no efforts to earn. Quite frankly, BAT or not, I would still keep using Brave. There is nothing as light as Brave out there (at least as compared to conventional browsers like Chrome, Edge or Firefox).
  • It’s not like when the reward was 0.010 BAT/ad, you were making a fortune. Again, whatever you were/are getting is literally without any effort. Unless BAT dramatically shoots up like a bitcoin, your BAT gained so far (either from 0.010 BAT/ad or 0.001 BAT/ad) is not going to make you a millionaire overnight.
  • You would want to have a knee-jerk reaction and quit and go back to the heavy-load browsers, just because Brave reduced a few pennies a week for you? What happens after, say 2-3 weeks, when Chrome or Edge decides to act up and make things slow? Think about that.
  • Take a step back and think… You would really sacrifice a better, faster, lighter browsing experience, just because someone decided to give you less of some FREE pennies they’ve been giving you all the while?

yep, the .1 (now actually .3 for me) pennies you earn per ad is still more than the 0 pennies you would earn using other browsers AND you get pretty much the most lightweight browser while still having all the features you could ask for

Well @zmb says Brave doesn’t owe us anything, I would counter that if a certain amount was earned and then it disappeared before being transferred to my wallet that they do owe me that.
But I won’t rush to uninstall, maybe I will just turn off the whole ad thing, I still really like the browser.

Maybe its because I am in QA that it bugs the hell out of me, its not like it was a fortune, only about $29. Its just a bad experience. I’m gonna message that steeven guy since I don’t think he saw me tag him in my post about the issue.

i won’t uninstall, because i like to navigate without ads primarily. But, i can see how many people will uninstall it because they will not gather enough each month. sad

I will keep using brave, however the incentive to keep clicking on ads on android is not worth it.

On linux and windows my brave wallet is linked to uphold so thats fine however on android for some reason I do not understand, I cannot link it untill I have 25 BAT, even restoring my wallet like I can do on windows and linux does not work. It will take me forever to accumulate 25 BAT, and since I have a Samsung S7 which is no longer supported by Samsung I rely on custom roms which means I will lose all the BAT each time I update.

I wish that the 25 BAT restriction would be removed, I already have my wallet linked to Uphold so why is this not possible with Brave on Android?

And even then, I do not like ads, the only reason was I could earn a little bit with it, it wasn’t much but now it is even less. There is nothing wrong with the browser, now I will just use it as and addless browser :wink:

Just uninstall it an go already! Why do you have to spam every thread? No one cares.

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