Important Information regarding Account Reviews/Suspensions


Hi, you have to be patient because the Brave support team is very thin, they are reviewing each case and that is done manually.

Keep in mind that there are many emails and be sure that they look at your account.

If I do not do anything wrong you do not have to worry, your account will pass the filter. :slightly_smiling_face:

Soporte aun no me responde. deberia preocuparme?

It’s disappointing tho. The team should have been more prepared for this and laid precautionary measures. It pains me to hear from one of the publishers I invited accusing me of promoting a scam. :frowning:


Editors Keep in mind this post for which we have passed the filter

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You shouldn’t be disappoint, your website is one pager.


Looking forward could fix this publishers mess, hypothetically it seems Brave Software short on cash flow therefore you locked out most of publishers account.


Easy for you to say be patient because even though you know you abuse the system you able to pass Brave team, anyway most of this publishers nothing can do but wait.


We’re definitely well aware it’s been tough for a lot of people. Doing our best with our very limited resources, I’m afraid. We’ve had to crack the whip on fraud lately.

Anyone who thinks BAT is a scam should remember that we have tens of thousands of publishers–with balances both big and small–that are paid out regularly!


Hola amigo ya te respondí a todas las preguntas que me enviaste al correo para que mi cuenta sea autorizada te agradezco la revisión de las mismas


There are hidden contents actually which I purposedly hide on the home page, that’s how marketing usully works, but here’s one of my free verse hidden:
My personal web page is verified a few days before the payout date, and didn’t use it yet for marketing, I’m sure it didn’t receive any tip yet, unless someone during these days do so. I built it that way in case my application for Regional Leader is approved, so that I have something prepared already.

Edit: Failed to mention I have 5 niche websites with a combined monthly visitor of 20k+. Those are the ones I have received tips from, but I’m not sure which one of those sites receive the most as there is no analytics feature and the BATs earned per site is hidden if you activated the referral program. I’m generating enough revenue from Adsense to keep life going but some additional from other stream like this project would be good.


Hey good morning Asad. i sent an E-mail 2 days ago i was wondering if you guys gonna review my account or just gonna leave it like that. im start uploading content because of brave. now i think there are 2 months that i`ve lost posting stuff and asking for tips to my people. my channel is legit.


@ Asad I received an automated reply mail
My account is permanently locked or not I don’t care, the support team is too poor


Welcome to the community!


I am also checking my account, I wanted to know the latest news about the brave team.
just to have information

do you have a time scale for the end of the checks?

I sent 2 emails to support and service suspencion but no response


I think maybe a lot of people are waiting for email replies to date including me, but we all need to appreciate the work of the brave team, a little suggestion to be able to add some teams to deal with problems like this


@Asad please answer my email and the details I include there


@Asad sir its been many days i think 8 days since your last reply and you said you will forward my account to your manager, but until now you didnot reply!!! You know what sir that days that ive been waiting is not good coz i am not productive on brave on that many days!!! Its so unfair that until now i cannot access my account after doing all hard works on brave while others doing the easy way are freely accessing their accounts on brave!!! This was your reply last time in my email

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I know first hand how the suspension of many users has slowed or even halted many publishers from actively promoting the brave browser. It is another grant season on android and many of us are praying that our followers don’t tip us or at worst add us to their auto contribute. I feel like I wake up each morning just checking the publisher platform. I can’t say winter is coming because we are all stuck in a blizzard.

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It is a terrible inconvenience that should not have happened since nowhere is it mentioned that this would happen. let’s hope that this is because there is a small support team and not because the company ran out of funds to pay off the outstanding debts with the verified creators. :pensando: :slightly_smiling_face:



Today I open and go to my publisher account again because I have waited almost 2 weeks, I saw before to contact email

but, today I go back to my publisher account, I am asked to return to contact email

So I have two support ticket numbers from now on to be responded by your team, hopefully it doesn’t become a burden for the Brave team to see a support ticket piling up

I can’t do anything right now, just waiting for certainty, hoping everything will be fine


Yeah same with me. My ticket on old email 10600+ now I send to my ticket 12500+ :joy::joy::joy:. This look forever for open under review.


Earlier in the letter about the suspension of the account was specified email address Now the other is What does it change?


Sir please i do follow up my account. Its been many days passed already since your last reply!!! Its feel so bad and unusual since i have group of brave publishers, i do answer their inquiry but sometimes i feel down, i cannot act 100% as their admin in my fb group and group chat, without having my account back, FEELING DOWN AND SAD THINKING THAT MANY DAYS PASSED WITHOUT HAVING BRAVE IN MY EVERYDAY ACTIVITY!!! I AM FULLTIME ONLINE… JUST GET JELOUS SOMETIMES WITH MY MEMBERS SEEING THEM SO PRODUCTIVE ON BRAVE REFERRAL, WHILE IM STUCK!!! HOPE TO GET MY ACCOUNT BACK THE NEXT DAY… IM SO HUNGRY NOW ON SHARING MY AFFILIATE LINK TO EVERYONE DOESNOT KNOW BRAVE…PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE HELP. ME SO I CAN HELP BRAVE ON PROMOTION… LETS WORK TOGETHER FOR THIS PROJECT THAT THE WORLD SHOULD KNOW HOW GOOD/RECOMMENDABLE BRAVE IS.