Important feature has been replaced

updated Brave to 1.63.165 Chromium 122.0.6261.94 and then I discovered that the

Use hardware acceleration when available” feature was not there and was replaced by

Use graphics acceleration when available” and Now I can’t run most of the games I want

But is there any solution?

Now this is a picture of the new current feature:

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bumping. what is the change that was made when this feature setting was changed?

Nothing, really. It’s same thing but different words.

Just like they changed the name of Cookies related to 1st party cookies and instead call it On-device site data, which you can see at brave://settings/content/siteData.

Truth of the matter is @BFSGX just is grasping at straws on issue and blaming it on something rather than simply asking for help.

Enabling Use graphics acceleration when available is using their graphics card to process. If they have issues, then it generally means there’s an issue with GPU or you have something like an extension causing issues.

In this post, they provided few details. They did good on providing version number but they put this under a feature request rather than anything asking for help. We weren’t told what OS they are using, no idea what websites that issues are occurring on, if they tried any of the basic troubleshooting steps, or anything.

This mainly got skipped because labeled at feature-request rather than Browser Support or something. It makes a big difference.

If OP can go ahead and provide more of the details I mentioned above, it might help in giving them more precise guidance. But for now, they leave us with only a bunch of questions and absolutely no information that can be used to try to assist.