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This isn’t an issue with Brave itself, but rather with the Dissenter browser (which is built on Brave). I’d like to switch to Brave proper, but I can’t figure out how to properly export my passwords from Dissenter browser and import them into Brave. I’ve exported the passwords and named them Brave Passwords.csv, but nothing happens when I import them into Brave. Any help would be appreciated. Dissenter is just too buggy for use, and there’s zero support for it from Gab.

Hi, you don’t get any error messages when you attempt the import?

Have you peeked into the exported CSV to make sure the contents look as you’d expect? (I haven’t used the export function but I’m assuming it should be a typical CSV with site names and plaintext passwords.)

All that aside, any interest in using an external password manager like Bitwarden?


@Reinbeau Try this.

  1. Open the file Brave Passwords.csv in Excel and check if your passwords are there.
    Save the file as .csv but give it a new name.

  2. Open Brave go to brave://settings/passwords and import the new passwords file you just saved in Excel.

If not working, well try something else.

Yes, I did verify the information was there. I did attempt the import process, if it had worked, I wouldn’t be asking here :wink: There were no error messages, nothing - and nothing was imported. I’ve taken to just keeping the excel file with all the passwords on it available and am signing in as I go. Might be a good opportunity to start fresh.


@Reinbeau Try this.

Leave only the first 3 or 4 lines of the CSV file, save it as .csv in Excel or bloc note, then import it to Brave. No space should appear before the following first line:


If ok then you have either a big csv file or there is a format problem with it. I recently copied passwords from Opera GX to Brave without a problem.

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