Import of bookmarks via file OR IE or Edge not working


I already imported one HTML file successfully, and now I want to additionally import data from Edge and IE, but when I go to the Bookmarks section, it has a folder called Imported from IE and its empty.

Anyone know how to import all my bookmarks from IE?

I also tried importing the IE bookmarks from a HTML file and it still does not work

Hi @fynxgloire,

So it looks like we have an open issue related to this.
When you exported your bookmarks data from Edge, were the bookmarks all in a folder?If not, try the following:

  • Open Edge -->Favorites “hub”
  • Add New Folder --> Drop the bookmarks to be imported in here
  • Export to File

Then, in Brave -

  • Bookmarks Manager --> Import bookmarks from HTML

Now when you find your HTML file, any bookmarks inside a folder should be transferred. I was able to do this successfully - transferring two different folders of bookmarks from Edge to Brave. Let me know if you need any further assistance and I’d be happy to help.

Thank you, it worked great!
I had another one, on my IPAD I could change the startup page icons to my favourite websites, how can I do this on Windows?
How can I customize the homepage 5 icons on the screen to go to my own websites instead of these random ones?

Glad it worked!
As for the Top Sites on your Dashboard, as of right now they’re a little buggy. We intend to have this sorted out in 1.0 but until then I’d recommend unpinning/removing the undesired tiles first, then browsing as you normally would. These tiles (for now) are populated by your browsing activity.

Ok thanks for the heads up, I will wait for version 1 then.
Also by the way o this coder website the browser does not play any youtube videos:

I disabled all protection BUT STILL it does not work.
Can you submit this as a bug also?

I’m able to visit the website and watch videos without issue. Can you check to see if you have Hardware Acceleration enabled ( Settings --> Advanced --> Hardware Acceleration)? If so, try disabling it before viewing the videos.

I took off the acceleration and also I took off smooth scrolling but many sites do not work still.
For example this site:
I am trying to log in but the CAPTION checkbox cannot be checked.
Can you try and check it? It does not register, so now, I cannot even log into the website at all.
Can you tell me how I can fix this?


@fynxgloire, are you saying you can’t navigate to/log into the site mentioned above the browser on your iPad or on the desktop version of the browser?

I’m able to visit as well as log into (seemingly, if I had an account) the site without issue:

I did so with the following Site Shield settings:

Can you try again with your Shields settings identical to the ones in the above image?
Can I also ask to see you Brave info? Type about:brave into the URL bar and copy or send a screenshot of this:

The problem was I had STRICT site isolation checked, under the security tab
Now that I unchecked it, the youtube videos and capcha are working.
Can you explain why this strict site isolation is not working?
I want to use it but it does not allow me to watch any youtube videos or enter any capchas?

I believe this is because the browser won’t support cross-site iframes when SSI is enabled. That Youtube video was iframed into the web page and because of that, the embedded media wouldn’t play.
Hope this helps! I’ll be closing this issue shortly unless you have any further questions :slight_smile:

please close it.
I opened up another issue, the prices in Binance, Bitfinex and Bitmex DO NOT SHOW on the y-axis on the right hand side of the screen.