Import gmail contacts

I imported gmail contacts into new Brave browser, now when I write a letter I have to inter the email address instead of the persons name in all browsers.

Thanks for reaching out to us.
I apologize but I’m not entirely sure I understand the issue you’re describing – can you elaborate a little?

When you say you imported your “gmail contacts” – do you mean bookmarks from your previous browser (Google Chrome)?

Imported all bookmarks and gmail contacts from google, I use Ubuntu 20 something and Firefox, Opera and now Brave. Everything is good except when I compose an email I have to enter the email address of the person instead of just their name.

And the problem is on Opera and Firefox as well.

OK, from my ubuntu computer I went to gmail with Firefox then to contacts and then import but from then on when writing an email I have to type in the email address instead of just their name. This change was not only made in Brave but also in Opera and Fire fox.

I’m confused still – gmail contacts are not stored in the browser, they’re stored and associated with your Gmail account. No matter what browser you’re using, when you log into gmail, you should have the exact same account setup every time. Brave has no effect on this – unless there’s something else I’m missing here?

I went to my Android phone and composed an email and a question popped up. "Allow contact suggestions? I allowed and now everything is fine in every browser…Thank you Mattches for leading me in the right direction.

I won’t tell you how many days I have wasted and how many curse words I spit out with this problem.

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