Import Crypto from Nano X - Undo?

I think I may have accidentally imported crypto into my Brave Wallet from my Ledger Nano X, which I did not intend to do.
Is there a way to remove it from my Brave wallet and put it back on my Nano X?

I’m assuming I can just send it to my nano X address from Brave for that specific coin, but I was hoping I could just “undo” the import or something.

Thanks for any and all advice.

Did you paste your Ledger Nano X 24-word seed phrase into Brave Wallet? Or did you just connect your Ledger?

Hi, thanks for your reply. No, I did not paste any seed phrases. I think there was an option to “import from Ledger” or something like that.

That’s totally fine. The wording Import from Hardware Wallet can be a bit misleading. You’re simply connecting to your Ledger, and no private key material ever leaves the device. It’s equivalent to using Ledger Live (their companion app), but right in the browser.

Is there a way to remove it from my Brave wallet and put it back on my Nano X?

If all you did was import your Ledger, no funds were moved. There are no security implications of importing your hardware wallet either. But you can still remove it like this (screenshot from version 1.52) if you want:

I think we should use some wording like Connect Hardware Wallet going forward.

Thanks again for your reply and help.
My concern is when I look at my Ledger portfolio using my connected Ledger and the Ledger Live app, it shows my portfolio balanced reduced by the amount that the Brave wallet now shows. Maybe I’m overthinking it, but why would the portfolio balance reduce on Ledger Live?
The import seemed to have moved all of my ERC20 tokens.

That’s odd. Can you look up your transactions on Etherscan to see if you notice anything suspicious?

Please check under all the tabs - Transactions, Internal Transactions, and Token Transfers.

The value proposition of hardware wallets is that no funds can move without physical approval on the device. This remains the case whether you use your Ledger through Ledger Live or Brave Wallet.

However, there’s still a possibility that you’ve inadvertently allowed some smart contract to spend your token balances. I hope this is not the case, but if you’re missing some funds on both Ledger Live and Brave Wallet, chances are that you have been the target of some kind of phishing attack.

Let me know what you find.

Hello onyb,
I think I figured out the problem. For some reason the Eth account on my Ledger dropped off. I re-added the account and I can now see all of my ERC-20 tokens including ETH.

Thanks again for your expert help in this matter. Very much appreciated.

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