Import chrome-bookmarks: brave crashes


i tried several times to import bookmarks from chrome. once started, it seems to be processing the import for several minutes, than brave crashes - and not a single bookmark was imported.
tried several times.
thanks for hints/help


Same here,and I hope someone from Brave could answer to this.


Me, too.
Brave crashes when trying to import Chrome bookmarks both directly from Chrome and also when I tried to import the html backup file (that I made with Chrome).


indeed impressive: a month without a statement or feedback from support.
they ask for good will, because they are “a new kid on the block”.
with such a behaviour the will sooner be gone than they have arrived.
for me the problem is solved: i deinstalled the browser. and i may promise, i will not return - you are on a great path to loose supporters quickly.


I have tried importing just bookmarks from all my browsers (Edge, Chrome, Internet Explorer) and either Brave crashes or saids import success and no bookmarks.
On Win 10 latest update
Please advise


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