Import Bookmarks


I have read how to import bookmarks from another browser.

It states open brave and go to main menu ( a circle with 3 bars). I do not have main menu on my screen.

I have tried the 3 vertical dots at the bottom of the screen, clicked on bookmarks and there is no option to import bookmarks from another browser.

Please advise.

Thank you

@Dan7385 Well, you are halfway there. Multiple ways to get to the right screen.

  • Hamburger menu (three lines) → BookmarksBookmark Manager


  • brave://bookmarks/


  • Ctrl + Shift + O

Once there, hit the Hamburger menu (three dots) on top right (underneath search glass icon)

Then you’ll see option to Import Bookmarks


I am using a Samsung S20 FE.

There are no hamburger lines on my screen. Just 3 vertical dots at the bottom right hand corner.

So also no option to press control shift etc on the phone, only on a pc or mac.

@Dan7385 Yeah, there’s no import or export for Bookmarks on Android. Only way to get it over is to Sync with another device to get it over. I recently had brought it up to the devs (again) and they said it’s a project in the works.

@Saoiray . Hi, thank you so much for clarification. That all makes sense now.

I was actually considering using my mac and then sync with my Android.

Unfortunately, my current browser does not sync my bookmarks from phone to mac.

However, i might try exporting bookmarks from my phone, where they are all kept, and place them as html into drive. And then import to Mac and then sync brave to phone from mac.

Hope that all makes sense.


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