Import bookmarks from Firefox?

Is there any way I can get my bookmarks from Firefox Android to Brave Android? I have too many to recreate them all. Would really like to use Brave but it’s a deal killer if I can’t import them.

Hi @Jack, welcome to Community!

Firefox has no option for exporting bookmarks and Brave does not have an option for importing at this time. We have an open issue for this that you can track here. In the mean time you can try using a third party extension to move bookmarks across apps.

Thank you for the information. No, Firefox Android has no export, and their bookmarks have other limitations, like no changing order (which is one reason I’d like to use Brave), but since they’re stored on the device, I thought maybe there was a way they could still be read and copied. But I’m thinking like a Windows user and am not sure if Android allows that.

Has anyone here used Everysync linked above to sync between FF mobile and Brave mobile?
it says it’s for Chrome and FF and seems to be a Chrome extension.

Anyone ever used Eversync or another extension to do this?

Chrome extension work with Brave

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