Import and Export (Other Browsers) passwords?


Hi Everyone,

Is there a way to Import and Export (Other Browsers) passwords save it to the computer like bookmarks Import and Export (Other Browsers).



Hi @FirefoxWas,

Brave already support import password from other browsers. Same like importing bookmarks, you can do this via Hamburger menu/3 dots menu > Bookmarks > Import Browser Data…




Eljuno, this does also works in Android? Because I cannot find this option there.
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Hi @fretjes,

Nope. Brave on Android have no this option, sadly. But the team is working on cross-device Sync. If the sync is done, you’ll be able to import you browser data on desktop then sync it to your Android device. :slight_smile:


@eljuno, thanks for the answer. In general, it might be a good idea to state which OS is involved

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Hi @fretjes,

Yeah, it’s my bad. I’m just forgot to add the OS. Thanks for the feedback, I can be better next time. :slight_smile:
Also, feel free to open a new thread if you have request, questions or bug report.



@eljuno, OS win 10-64 Pro, Firefox
Sorry to come back on this issue but I only can import MS Edge, MS internet explorer and bookmarks.hmtl. So no Firefox option there. I have imported via bookmarks.html but I’m not able to import passwords. So can you offer me a solution in this?
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Hello i have managed to import bookmarks from Firefox but password import function does not seem to work. Are there plans to make it work in near future? (Operating system: Win 7 64-bit,)


This won’t help me because I only have my phone. I don’t have access to a desktop.

But I still would like to import my book marks and passwords from chrome.

I’m trying to get away from chrome.


how about you install dashlane this willl fix all your problems
have a good day
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That would work if Dashlane would allow you to import passwords from Brave. The only browsers it recognizes are Edge and Chrome sadly.


I can solve import problem using OnePass - first, export Firefox passwords in .csv using PasswordFox, then edit CSV to comply OpenPass import rules, then import it.
In fact, it’s possible to use internal Brave import as well, but i didn’t find it’s format definition.