Import and Export (Other Browsers) passwords?


Hi Everyone,

Is there a way to Import and Export (Other Browsers) passwords save it to the computer like bookmarks Import and Export (Other Browsers).



Hi @FirefoxWas,

Brave already support import password from other browsers. Same like importing bookmarks, you can do this via Hamburger menu/3 dots menu > Bookmarks > Import Browser Data…




Eljuno, this does also works in Android? Because I cannot find this option there.
Gr fred


Hi @fretjes,

Nope. Brave on Android have no this option, sadly. But the team is working on cross-device Sync. If the sync is done, you’ll be able to import you browser data on desktop then sync it to your Android device. :slight_smile:


@eljuno, thanks for the answer. In general, it might be a good idea to state which OS is involved

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Hi @fretjes,

Yeah, it’s my bad. I’m just forgot to add the OS. Thanks for the feedback, I can be better next time. :slight_smile:
Also, feel free to open a new thread if you have request, questions or bug report.



@eljuno, OS win 10-64 Pro, Firefox
Sorry to come back on this issue but I only can import MS Edge, MS internet explorer and bookmarks.hmtl. So no Firefox option there. I have imported via bookmarks.html but I’m not able to import passwords. So can you offer me a solution in this?
gr fred


Hello i have managed to import bookmarks from Firefox but password import function does not seem to work. Are there plans to make it work in near future? (Operating system: Win 7 64-bit,)


This won’t help me because I only have my phone. I don’t have access to a desktop.

But I still would like to import my book marks and passwords from chrome.

I’m trying to get away from chrome.