Implementation of Instant Search like in Opera

An addition to brave browser which would make web search more comfortable would
be the implementation of an “instant search” feature, like Opera Browser introduced last year.

You can look something up on the web without leaving the website you are on. When you open Instant Search, the current web page simply fades out. You trigger it by pressing ALT + Space, it pops up centered in the upper middle of the screen. It makes web search and “quickly looking stuff up” so comfortable and fluid. It would be fantastic if the search engine could be set manually.

Rather than having to use an add-on or switch tabs to go to search engine and do it the conventional way, this is a feature i would love to see implemented in brave browser.

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Because this is a feature i think brave should definitely have and i wanna keep this active.

i don’t want use it, i not understand. you have youtube video about it?

u go send question on address bar, and take popup in active tab on top layer? if u see need answer u go on search results? or what? you like ll do in one tab?

Neither. It’s a floating omnibox.

Here’s the intro video from Opera.

I find it to be a super convenient feature. It allows to search web without leaving the website you’re on.

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cool idea, yes, i understand. but also need go site from search results without leaving the website while not close popup.

Agreed. That function you suggest would top this off nicely indeed.

I hope something like it can be implemented. It’s a fantastic feature, that’s why i am using Opera as well.

Bump because i want to keep this topic alive. I think a feature like this would improve brave browser by a lot.